Telephone Answering Service for Contractors

Contractors that do not outsource calls are all subject to losing control over their time, destroying their image as a professional and losing money. As a service professional you are almost always on a job that requires the use of tools and when even you stop to answer a phone call, then work stops and that cost money. Some answer calls late evenings and weekends which completely takes away their free time from family and friends. Of course anytime a business owner answers their own phone it hurts their image and makes them appear smaller and less professional. The biggest sacrifice of all is money, because anytime a potential customer’s call goes unanswered that means there is a chance of losing them to the competition. Though many service professionals think they can answer all calls, that’s just not humanly possible. At some point we all have focus on work, talk to customers, eat, rest and play.

Plumbers Answering Service

A plumber’s customer often finds the need for a plumber to be sudden and unexpected. One minute the client is fine, and the next he’s dealing with water pouring from the top floor from a busted toilet or maybe a water heater that has suddenly burst and is soaking to house or garage. This would naturally require immediate assistance and the homeowner would need to talk with someone right away. In the event that they call and a plumbing contractor’s voicemail picks up in place of a human voice, then there is a high possibility that they will elect to try and reach another contractor that can promise faster service. In such cases, if the contractor simply had an answering service to greet the caller and give them piece of mind that someone would be taking care of them soon, the plumber would not have lost the job.

Electrician Answering Service

Electrician’s customers have their own set of unique problems. Many of their clients can be without power which effects their heat, air conditioning, light and in some cases medical equipment that is desperately needed. Aside from just losing some basic daily conveniences like television, computers and radios, being without power also causes refrigerated food to go bad, and without a stove or microwave it limits meal options. Few consumers are willing to go without these items we take for granted. When an electrician is on the job working with hot wires and dangerous electrical components they probably would not be able to grab a phone call at any given moment, as doing so could put them at risk of getting electrocuted. Of course, as with any emergency call, if the call is not taken their remains a chance that the caller will contact another company for service. Especially when you consider that the message from your caller is delivered right back to your cell phone in live time, this only proves for another great reason to use a telephone answering service.

Roofer Answering Service

In most cases getting a roof replaced or repaired does not require immediate service, but never the less callers want to speak with someone whenever they call. Roofers spend their days walking on steep roofs that are one to two stories above ground. As if that were not dangerous enough, they rarely have something to protect themselves in case they slipped. Unless you have death wish, answering a call on the top of a roof that’s 20 feet above ground would not be a good idea. Having a remote receptionist to answer those calls generally only cost about a dollar each and when you consider the safety it provides and the security of knowing that your customer is not lost, you could ill afford not outsource those calls. Colorado Answering Service

Tree Surgeon After Hours Answering Service

Most people tend to think of tree removal as cutting tress down or chopping the ones up that are lying on the ground. On the contrary, these tress are often found inside of peoples homes after a big wind or snow storm causes them to crash through the roof. You can bet they are going to call every tree surgeon in town until someone answers the phone. It’s highly unlikely that even the toughest man will answer his cell phone when he’s holding on to a gas powered chain saw that would take his leg off with just the slightest lack of concentration. An outsourced call center can affordably answer the customer calls, take the message and even schedule an appointment so the contractors can just show up for the job.

No contractor can be readily available to answer calls 24 hours a day and an after hours answering service allows them to forward calls as needed, and further they are not required to forward calls if they are able to take them themselves. A service can free up a contractors time so they can focus on getting their jobs done, and safely. Moreover, no new customer calls are ever missed and the one call that may have otherwise been lost could potentially pay for an entire months of call answering.


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