Magnetic Sign Holders: An OC’s Guide at Home and in the Office

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a mental condition that needs medical attention. However, in the recent years, the term OC has been used to loosely describe people who are extremely organized. Yes, these are your officemates whose desks are always clean, homemakers whose houses are always spotless and people whose closets are color coded. To maintain the highest form of orderliness, OC’s use different tools and growing in popularity among them are magnetic sign holders.

If you’re a proud organization junkie, here are a few ways on how you can use magnetic products at home and in the office.

Your Perfect Scheduling Partner

Sticking to a schedule to the last minute is one of the traits of OC’s. They are typically good planners and everything should be done on a certain day at a specific time. It’s common for OC’s to include everyone in this schedule, but they can’t expect everyone to follow the schedule out of their own volition. They have to be prodded and constantly reminded.

Having a visual reminder of this timeline can help ensure that the people involved adhere to it and this is where magnetic sign holders can help. At home, you can print out a chore schedule, slip it inside a frame and stick it on your fridge door. At work, you can also do the same with your project timeline and put it up where your colleagues can see it. This way, you don’t need to remind everyone every 10 minutes that they need to do or submit something at a certain date and time. The advantage of using these magnetic sign holders is you can always replace their content with something else.

Your Ideal Labeling Tool sign holders

Another common trait of OC’s is their fondness of labeling things. Every box, every drawer, every container in their house or office has a label on it. This is because OC’s values how easy and convenient it is to find items or documents if they are properly compartmentalized and labeled.

Magnetic label holders will definitely satisfy an OC’s obsessive labeling needs. If your container is non-magnetic, you can simply paint it with a special kind of paint. Unlike stickers and other stick on labels, these magnetic labeling products can be reused again and again and they can easily be changed as the need arises.

A Great Organizing Tool for Bite-size Documents

Small paper documents – coupons, receipts, tickets, bills etc. – can easily get lost and it’s a nightmare when this happens to OC’s. For them, nothing is too small to be organized. Of course, you can always resort to the tried-and-tested paper clips and boxes, but if you’re looking for something that will complement your current organization paraphernalia, magnetic document holders are something worth considering.

Stick them on your fridge and they become convenient bill holders. Put them on your car and they can keep your parking tickets and other paper documents you may encounter while on transit. At the office, it can keep notes and other small documents intact.


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