Choosing Irrigation System Supplies & Materials

Irrigation & sprinkler supplies such as PVC fittings and PVC pipe are manufactured by many different companies. Other materials such as irrigation sprinkler heads and timers have fewer competitors, but still a small variety to choose from. The most popular irrigation supplies manufacturers are Rainbird, Toro, Nelson, and Hunter. Orbit is a close runner-up in the hardware store market.

You have a decision to make when planning out and installing a lawn irrigation system in your yard. You want your landscape irrigation system to be something you can easily understand how to adjust and work with; you don’t want something that is so complicated that you can do anything with! With this in mind, it is important to choose a brand of products that come with comprehensive user manuals that are easy to follow.

You want to choose a company that Bec tuoi cay stands behind their products with warranties. You want to choose a company that has customer service available to answer questions about their products. Not all companies provide this service, so it is up to you to investigate and make sure you understand what you are buying. If you choose an inferior brand just to try and save a few dollars, it will end up costing you more money in the long run due to maintenance issues.

When deciding what brand of sprinklers and irrigation products you are going to use with your in ground lawn irrigation system it is important to keep all the above information in mind. If you feel comfortable with the products you are going to install for you lawn irrigation system, you will not get frustrated trying to figure everything out on your own if you run into problems.

Finding replacement parts for generic brand sprinklers is next to impossible. Purchase name brand parts from true irrigation suppliers, not from the ‘do-it-yourself’ home stores. The big name stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware are good for a lot of things, but if you are purchasing enough materials to build a new sprinkler system you can normally get a better deal from an irrigation wholesaler. You’ll also get more knowledgeable advice from the people who specialize in irrigation parts.

If you are looking to find an irrigation wholesale store near you just pick up the phone book or do a quick Online search. In my area we use a store called ‘Tieco’. Other popular irrigation stores are John Deere Landscapes and Ewing Irrigation. All of these stores will deliver the parts and pipe to you, normally for free when you have a big enough order. This way you don’t have to worry about how to get the 20 foot long pieces of pipe to your house or hassle with 10 foot sections of pipe that the ‘do it yourself’ stores sell.


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